DBC Denim Skirts


Jeans redesigned into couture denim skirts.

Every design is a one of a kind.

About the Collection

One of a kind Denim Skirts

DBC turns traditional jeans into fashion forward Denim Skirts

We recognize there is a great amount of detail, love, and care that goes into every single pair of jeans. It takes over 2000 gallons of water to produce a single pair of jeans (growing the cotton, manufacturing the denim and dying the fabrics). Simply put, it’s a disgrace to see any denim go to waste.

Yet that’s exactly what happens. Millions of beautiful denim jeans get wasted every year. Many of the new or barely used. 

Through the magic of design, DBC up-levels jeans into fashion forward denim skirts. Every design is hand cut on the bias giving it a unique pattern….one of a kind you could say, as no two skirts are the same.

These couture jean skirts are not to be pulled up like pants, rather they are to be delicately dived into over the head, and slid down onto the hips. Here, they’ll sit styled and pooched for any occasion.



Benefits of DBC Upcycled Fashions

One of a Kind

Less Waste

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Learn why upcycling is the key to saving the fashion industry.

About DBC

Our mission is to elevate global style, create a sustainable fashion system, and renew the health of our planet.