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Are you ready for the revolution? 

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A revolution is a fundamental and sudden change driven by two factors: 

1) The Necessity to Change, and  2) Dreams of a Better Future


What is a Fashion Revolution?

A revolution can result in beneficial changes to one industry within the orchestration of a grander movement. For example, the Environmental Revolution is a broad, all encompassing switch from pollution-causing technologies to clean technologies. The Fashion Revolution is specifically focused on transforming the inhumane and environmentally destructive aspects of the global fashion industry.

Some revolutionaries focus on disrupting the old in order to make way for the new, while others focus on upgrading the old in order to create a better new. The following examines how modern day revolutionaries are using different tactics to achieve the same vision; an abundant, collaborative, regenerative fashion industry

The Necessity to Change

“We are facing ecological collapse due to the effects of climate change – and the fashion industry plays a big role in this.” Extinction Rebellion

Extinction Rebellion is an environmental protection group taking action against multiple factors causing the destruction of a vibrant, natural environment. They’ve recognized the global fashion industry’s massive impact, noting that if we don’t change our escalating consumption habits, the industry will eventually consume itself. This means running out of clean water, clean air, healthy land, healthy humans, and animals. In another word, extinction.

Motivated by this necessity to change, Extinction Rebellion has urged people to boycott fashion for an entire year. Their mission is to disrupt business-as-usual on a grand, collaborative scale that will garner the attention of policy makers and the public to mitigate fashion’s destructive impact. 

In addition to disrupting old habits, they’ve also recommended the repair, re-use, and Upcycling of clothing and textiles already in circulation to minimize the use of natural resources.

Dreams of a Better Future

Charitable organizations like Fashion Revolution are dreaming of “A global fashion industry that conserves and restores the environment and values people over growth and profit.” Their focus is making the fashion industry more transparent and accountable. In other words, exposing the truth about the human and environmental exploitation which served as the foundation of a profitable Fast Fashion industry.

Rather than allow unsafe, inhumane working conditions to continue, Fashion Revolution is raising public awareness, educating the public on fashion’s systemic issues so progressive changes can be implemented and supported by consumer buying power. Demands for improvements are already manifesting as manufacturers have been forced to raise wages and improve working conditions for their employees. 

Supporting the Sustainable Fashion Revolution

The fashion industry plays an important role in the broader environmental revolution. Due to the efforts of these revolutionary organizations, people have a better understanding of the long term consequences of their clothing choices. Rather than feel guilty for contributing the carnage, it’s important for people to recognize they have the power to contribute to the change!

The fashion revolution represents a shift from throwaway culture to a Circular System where nothing goes to waste and materials are used for much longer. Everyone has a part to play. It’s up to revolutionary organizations to inform and inspire, but it’s eventually up to people to consume less and take better care of their clothing.

DivaBitch Couture is supporting the revolution by Upcycling Clothing and textiles into high end fashions that last a lifetime. Are you ready to play a positive role in the creation of a planet you’re proud to call home?  Working together, if we learn, grow, and adopt new habits, generations to come will benefit from our conscious choices.

And they just may remember us to, for when it comes to fashion, the revolution will be televised.


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One of a Kind Dress Shirt Dress

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