DBC Couture Gowns


One of a kind full-length dresses.

About the Collection

DBC Couture Gowns

Top of the line fabrics upcycled into one of a kind Full-Length Dresses.

Revolutionizing the Fast Fashion Model, DBC is renewing our planet’s natural resources by utilizing the oversupply of fabrics that already exist. Our mission is creating zero waste dresses from the most unique, high quality prints across the globe. The result is jaw dropping dresses that hug your curves, float on air, and captivate the crowd. 



Benefits of DBC Upcycled Fashions

One of a Kind

Less Waste

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High End

Learn why upcycling is the key to saving the fashion industry.

About DBC

Our mission is to elevate global style, create a sustainable fashion system, and renew the health of our planet.