DBC Celebrities

Music and fashion icons featuring one of a kind DivaBitch Couture Designs.

Vanessa Williams

Actor / Producer

Ricki Lake

Talk Show Host / Film Producer

Gretchen Menn

American guitarist and composer 

Damone Roberts &

Ramon Leon

‘The Brow King’

Angel Vivaldi


Liv Warfield


Nancy Wilson and Liv Warfield (featuring her red DBC Dress) perform ‘Cover Each Other’ with their band Roadcase Royale.

Paul Gilbert

Rock Guitarist (Mr. Big / Racer X)

Nonja Mckenzie

Talk Show Host / Designer / Hollywood Stylist

@divabitchcouture Thank you for my Skirt from a recycled shirt. I Love it!”

Teedra Moses


Rowin Amone


Jaguar Evermoore


Public Figure, Comedian, Singer

Thank u for making my dress @justin_orenthal_goff_! I absolutely love my beautiful comfortable #sundress  #eveningdress #custommade 💗🙏🏾💗🙏🏾

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