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A Diva is not defined by her clothing, yet style refines her character.  ~ Ancient Proverb

What is a Diva?

A Diva is a celebrated person of great talent, and never lets another influence who they are. Diva’s are dreamers who dare to address what scares the rest. Diva’s lead through self worth and leave beauty in their wake.


What does Diva really mean?

Diva’s exude their own style and unshakable personality. Some say Diva’s have an inflated view of themselves, others say the critics are just jealous. The truth is, there’s a Diva in each of us, whether we choose to nurture or ignore it. Our inner Diva dares us to add to the spirit of life, demanding the best from others, and giving the best of ourselves. Our inner Diva says “No! You can’t label me, I’m One of a Kind! Of course you can stare, but please stay over there.” 


How do Diva’s Dress?

Dressing like a Diva screams “I am free!” without a word. Diva’s dress beyond the familiarities of their past and stay true to their present, highest selves. They know that image alone commands respect, and daring Diva outfits can open magic doors. If a picture’s worth a thousand words, a walk is worth a thousand snaps. Diva’s exude their worth with how they move and how they’re wrapped.


What does DBC stand for?

D is for Diva.  

B is for Bitch…no, not that kind of bitch. The kind of bitch who stands up for what is right. Bold and beautiful, a real bitch knows what it takes to lead a new way. A bitch may be bad, but a bitch is no witch. A bitch loves herself, sees the path ahead, and makes a call based on what’s best overall.

C is for Couture…the careful construction of details. Curls and swirls and cuts and sews the average eye cannot see. Couture is created through grace, finesse, and a whole lot of work behind the seams. Couture is not simple fabric or lines, it’s a whole world of design, many human minds combined to create something special, one garment at a time.

Couture is no fast easy fix. Couture is custom created, flawless and flavorful. Couture is unbridled creativity, passion and love. An evolution of thought, connected to culture, inspiring our way of life. Couture reminds us we’re one of a kind, and worthy of worldly beauty. Couture is a portal to our higher selves, made manifest through the visions of others who help us look, and feel, this way.

Some make clothing they hope you will love. DivaBitch Couture creates sustainable fashions that help you love yourself.

Together, we will beautify the planet, and its people.

Are you ready for the revolution!?



One of a Kind Dress Shirt Dress
DBC One of a Kind Dress
One of a Kind Dress Shirt Dress

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