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How to stay styled and safe in a post pandemic world.

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In this uncertain, post-pandemic world, our health and safety is priority. That’s the easy part. What’s complicated are the ever-changing guidelines on the best way to do so.  Should we wear one mask or two? Are we supposed to stay 6 feet away, or is it 3 feet? The vaccine works, most of the time.

Through the never-ending cycle of breaking news reports and poll-driven politicians, one thing remains a forever reliable source. Common sense.

Yes, that common sense. The one that says, “Keep yourself clean, keep your space clean, and protect yourself with the right set of tools.” By using our common sense, we can look our best, feel our best, and be our best selves on this ever-evolving planet.

So with common sense (and fashion sense) in mind, here is a list of our favorite Covid Essentials to stay safe, styled, and sanitary through 2021 and beyond…

Protecting Yourself (Masks & Shields)

If you have to wear a mask, or choose to wear a mask, it’s important to choose correctly. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious-disease specialist, called double-masking “common sense“, since more layers create a better safeguard. Rather than going through the hassle of layering a disposable-style mask under a separate cloth mask, DivaBitch Couture created the all-in-one Karen Mask. With its easy pull-over ears, you never have worry about touching your mask, or losing it ever again.

FaceShield N More is your number one stop for Faceshields, Moonshields, and Noseshields. Not only do they make the most fashion forward shields, they’re committed to protecting Kings and Queens of all ages (kids too!) and are currently offering a Buy 3 Moonshields, Get 1 Noseshield Free.

Keeping Yourself Clean (Sanitizers & Lotions)

The benefits of hand sanitizer is a long list including stopping the spread of germs, promoting good hygiene, and reducing waste. One of the best portable hand sanitizers on the market is Palmate’s Hampers Hand Sanitizer.  Vegan and Cruelty-Free formulated, it’s one of the first brands to use Hyaluronic Acid, leaving your hands clean, silky and smooth.

While it’s important to sanitize, you also need to care for your skin. Gloves in a Bottle is a hand lotion that reverses the damage of over-sanitizing, and keeps your hands healthy. It’s the #1 Hand Shielding Lotion in the US and is designed to enhance your skin’s natural defense by creating an invisible shield, like a second skin. It can be used to treat Eczema and Psoriasis, plus earn cash discounts every time you shop.

Keeping Your Space Clean (Disinfectants & Purifiers)

DG Hand & Surface Disinfectant is a multipurpose hygiene wipe for personal and environmental use. It improves infection prevention, and reduces microbes on hands and other surfaces. One of the smartest ways to keep all your spaces clean is to sanitize your home, car and office hot spots regularly. Available in packs of 10 and 20, you can also give your children a packet of wipes to take with them to school.

Did you know you can clean the air all around you! Whether you wear it on your neck or place it on your bedside table, So Pure’s wearable air purifier is designed to keep you safe wherever you are. It’s continually clearing the air you breathe to prevent any viruses, bacteria, pollen or dust from getting in your system. One of the sleekest purifiers on the market, it emits negative ions to neutralise harmful particles in the air, reducing anxiety and putting your safety first at all times.

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