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Upcycled clothing is revolutionizing the fashion industry and guiding us toward a more environmentally conscious future.  Using the age-old artform of Upcycling, brands like DivaBitch Couture are refashioning clothes into post-modern apparel while fighting climate change with an expanded compassion for our planet.

Upcycling is not simply a matter of remaking, it’s breathing new life into the things we love and creating new lifecycles for things that may have been forgotten. Requiring a significant amount of creativity, Upcycle Fashion Designers combine the emotion and details of creations from the past, then spin them on their head to create a brand new vision for the future. 

In the past, Upcycling suggested DIY one-off projects, but the industry is experiencing a rapid transformation. Upcycled garments are still One of a Kind, but are now competing with the top traditional fashion houses when it comes to style and engineering.

Upcycle Fashion Design

Any style of clothing may be upcycled. Some items may be brand new while others may be used and looking for new life. We all have a favorite shirt or pair of pants from the past that we wish still had a place in the world. By redesigning past fashions into extraordinary fashion statements, upcycle brands are utilizing creative artistry to renew the beauty of classic pieces.

Whether upcycling men’s dress shirts or designer denim jeans, here are some examples of how DivaBitch Couture is turning traditional garments into one of a kind, wearable art pieces.


Upcycled Jean Skirts

Jeans upcycled into one of a kind Denim Skirts

There is a great amount of detail, love, and care that goes into every single pair of jeans. After growing the cotton, manufacturing the denim and dying the fabrics, it takes over 2000 gallons of water to produce a single pair of jeans. Simply put, it’s a disgrace to see any denim go to waste.

DBC turns your favorite designer jeans into fashion forward upcycled denim skirts. Every skirt is hand cut on the bias, giving it a unique shape and flow.

These couture jean skirts are not to be pulled up like pants, rather they are to be delicately dived into over the head, and slid down onto the hips. Here, they’ll sit styled and pooched for any occasion. 


DBC Denim Skirt

DBC Denim Skirt

DBC Denim Skirt

DBC Upcycled Denim Skirt

Upcycled Dress Shirts

Dress shirts upcycled into one of a kind Dress Shirt Dresses.

Millions of dress shirts made from the finest fabrics lie dormant in retail stores, warehouses, and the back of our closets. DBC redesigns these classic fashion staples into progessive new styles called Dress Shirt Dresses

Though created from traditional dress shirts, the experience of these East meets West fashion fusion garments is entirely new. Wrapped in a balanced, weighted flow from shoulders to toe, you’ll feel light as air with an elevated sense of elegance from the first moment you put one on. Made equally for men and women, Dress Shirt Dresses have officially arrived to lead the Sustainable Fashion Revolution.

DBC Dress Shirt Dress 

DBC Dress Shirt Dress 

One of a Kind Dress Shirt Dress 

DBC Dress Shirt Dress

Upcycled Sweaters

Traditional sweaters refashioned into Couture Sweater Sets.

From winter wools to summer blends, there’s an undeniable magic in our favorite sweaters.

DBC turns sweaters and hoodies into one of a kind sweater dresses, two piece sweater sets, and high fashion hoodie outfits. Sustainability meets street style with this brand new 2021 upcycled sweater collection.

DBC Upcycled SweaterDress 

DBC Upcycled SweaterDress 

DBC Upcycled SweaterDress 

DBC Upcycled SweaterDress 

Upcycled Dresses

Rare fabrics upcycled into one of a kind Full-Length Gowns.

Counter to the Fast Fashion Model, DBC is renewing our planet’s natural resources by upcycling women’s clothing from the oversupply of fabrics that already exist. Our mission is creating zero waste dresses from the most unique, high quality fabrics across the globe. The resulting harmony is a sustainable style that will make anyone smile in these jaw-dropping couture pieces. 

DivaBitch Couture Pieces Upcycled Dress 

DivaBitch Couture Upcycled Dress

DivaBitch Couture Upcycled Dress

DivaBitch Couture Upcycled Dress 

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