Circular Fashion 

And the creation of a regenerative economy

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C ircular fashion is a sustainable solution to transform the global fashion industry and renew the health of our planet (while we still have a chance).

In today’s fashion economy, huge quantities of non-renewable resources are being used to produce billions of new products every single year. It’s disheartening to know that half of these items will end up in landfills or incinerators in less than one year. This linear take, make, waste model propagated by Fast Fashion has ballooned out of control and is destroying our planet at an unprecedented rate.

The system is broken, and unless the fashion industry reinvents itself, it will consume itself (not to mention the rest of us). 

Circular fashion is an entirely new paradigm designed to renew our natural environment and empower our people. With no time to spare, advocates of a new circular fashion economy are joining forces in a holistic, collaborative effort to tackle the root causes of pollution, biodiversity loss, and climate change.


What is Circular Fashion? 

Simply put, circular fashion is a regenerative (as opposed to extractive) system. It provides us with the clothing we love, and prevents them from ending up as waste. Garments are renewed and circulated for as long as they retain value, and when they are no longer of use, they are returned to the biosphere from which they came. Over time, our planet is given the opportunity to renew it’s natural resources, and we still get an abundance of new styles to impress our friends.


Circular Fashion Economy

For the fashion industry to be truly sustainable, a radical transformation must occur. A cooperative economy must evolve where everyone is working together towards society-wide benefits. Welcome to the Circular Fashion Economy. The key principles of this sustainable system include: 

1) Keeping products in use (through value add services like garment repair and upcycling)  

2) Turning waste materials into new, reusable fibres

3) Using renewable and safe materials

4) Regenerating natural systems

Through the application of these principles, a circular fashion economy transcends the consumption of finite resources, and effectively removes waste from the system. This means more flowers, more trees, more clean water, less garbage, and less toxins in the air.


Circular Fashion Brands

There are numerous initiatives connecting fashion, environmental, and political leaders from all corners of the earth in order to create this new circular economy. One of the largest initiatives, Make Fashion Circular, includes global brands such as Gap, Stella McCartney, Burberry, and H&M to spearhead the transformation, but we all have an important role to play.

As an Upcycling specialist, DivaBitch Couture is doing our part by revitalizing existing clothing and reducing the need to manufacture new things. In doing so, we eliminate the use of natural resources and give our planet the opportunity to renew and regenerate its reserves.

There are thousands of forward thinking brands contributing to the success of the new fashion economy. These include textile manufacturers, garment repair specialists, fibre recycling organizations, not to mention the broader scientific community helping the fashion industry to integrate more sustainable innovations every single day. 

Everyone of these players are needed to ensure that the key principles of a circular fashion system are achieved. Isn’t it a wonderful feeling to think that we’re finally playing on the same team?

Amen (says the planet)



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